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Leopoldo Betancourt

“A forceful performer of extraordinary gifts…whose balanced virtuoso performance is full of emotion and profound interpretations.”


Acclaimed Venezuelan pianist Leopoldo Betancourt. His concert career has developed impressively with resounding successes in major cities in America and Europe, where he has soloed with numerous orchestras conducted by Massimo Paris, Eduardo Marturet, Jonathan Strasser, Roger Rossel, Carlos Piantini, Pablo Castellanos, Eduardo Rahn, Alfredo Rugeles, and many others. 

His wide repertoire goes from Baroque music, Classical and romantic periods, to the contemporary music with special interest in Latin American Composers of the XX Century.

He has appeared many times on radio and television and has produced numerous recordings, one of which, “El Arte de Dos Mundos”, won the prestigious Venezuelan Premio Ronda in 1992.  Two CDs, produced in 1997, feature Latin-American composers. Two CDs as a soloist with the Berliner Symphoniker produced in 1999 – 2001, including concertos by Mendelssohn and Grieg, among others.  Since 2003 he has produced and recorded the following CD: “Quince valses venezolanos”, “Valencia 1900” “Caracas 1900”, Naracaibo 1900”, “Lara 1900”, “Los Andes 1900” “Clásicos Zulianos”, “Clásicos Latinoamericanos”, “Concierto de Navidad” “Valses y Danzas  Venezolanos del Siglo XIX, Caracas 1900” , “Maracaibo 1900”  “Clásicos Inolvidables latinoamericanos”, “Nostalgias Vol.1,2 and 3” and “The Goleen Years of Latin America Music”” All of them have been very well received by both the public and critics

He has been invited to judge various important competitions and has participated in conferences at universities and cultural institutions around the world. Leopoldo Betancourt has also been successful  as a musical producer, He was the founder and director of the prestigious “Festival Internacional de Musica El Hatillo” in Caracas, Venezuela as well as “The Miami Beach World Music Festival” among many others musical events.

His achievements as a pianist, and as founder and director of prestigious Internationals Music Festivals, have brought him recognition and numerous prizes, both national and international.e has been invited to judge various